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House plant census 2010

February 16, 2010

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter is conducting the Great Houseplant Census of 2010. Many houseplants have come home with me to die. I can kill pothos, and I have. My count of living houseplants is 15. The oldest is an African violet that is maybe 4 or 5 years old.

The baby tears in the left of the above photo has been here a few years.  It’s one I like because it tells me when it needs water with the leaves curling up ever so slightly.  It recovers well when I do neglect it.  The African violet has really thrived since I put it in this white pot.  You fill the bottom round part with water, and the violet is planted in a sleeve pot that you insert.  The clay then wicks up water from the lower pot.  It has become tall, and flowers mostly around the top.  Perhaps I should be taking cuttings or removing that top growth.  I’m just happy it’s alive.

The above little documentary photo shows my window sill seedlings (I didn’t count those) and a dead plant in the glass case.    The kitchen window area is my best spot for houseplants because I am there so many times during the day.  My favorite nursery in winter is Cactus and Tropicals.  They always have a variety of succulents, though I don’t know the exact names of each plant, but I love the string of beads one.

succulent wreath

I found this succulent wreath in the clearance area for 10 bucks! at Cactus and Tropicals because apparently it was too tired looking for them to display.  As it gets leggy I will have to cut some of those off and insert them as cuttings back into the wreath.  Fingers crossed that I don’t kill this.  I only got this in January, so I counted it as one plant.

Lastly, here is a closeup of the cactus I brought home the other day.  And with that I wish everyone a Happy belated Valentines Day!

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