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Changes afoot at Bloomin Rs: An introduction

February 20, 2010

My sis is coming!  Anyone have one of those siblings that does everything better than you?  Well I have one of those.  When we were young we used to fight, but nowadays, my sister is my best friend.   My garden philosophy is rather scatterbrained, but my sister has focus.  I started this blog to focus on plants that do well in Utah.   But I realize that it’s missing the more in-depth opinion on xeriscape and native plants.  My sister has been doing that longer and more intensively than I have.   Our gardens look very different and I hoped if we were to run the blog jointly it might have more extensive interest.

Sis has chosen the name R those Weeds, however it could have it could have easily been sun goddess or lizard girl because of her love of stretching out on a rock in the desert to just soak up the sun.  Here I’m just showing you her feet.

And here is just one little planting from her garden.  You can also see a view in the last photo of the Palmer’s Penstemon post.  She can reveal the other views of her garden.

salvia, mexican primrose, desert 4 o'clock

So a warm welcome to R those Weeds- my sis, garden buddy, and companion for plant shopping and all other garden geek activities.

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  1. rthoseweeds permalink*
    February 21, 2010 6:08 am

    Thanks Sis and best buddy! As always, you are much too generous. Looking forward to this adventure along with all our nerdy garden activities to come.
    Come on Spring……

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