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Welcome to Bloomin Rs & R those Weeds – Utah Gardening blog.

Bloomin Rs gardens near Salt Lake City, Utah with roses, penstemons and other native or drought tolerant plants.  The R in the name Bloomin Rs could refer to roses, but really the name is a play on a quote from My Fair Lady. If you don’t know the quote you can watch a clip from the movie by clicking here.

R those weeds lives and gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. The bulk of my gardening experience (or lack of) started with the “rehabilitation” of our yard (some later re-hab due to my own errors, oops). We moved into our house in 2006. The landscape was typical for most yards here. Lots of grass. And a weed ridden side yard that’s not so typical. We ripped ALL the grass within 2 years and haven’t looked back. I don’t enjoy watering and find I like to change things too much to make use of a drip system.Therefore, my plants have to be tough. I have used alot of natives, but not exclusively. There are many non-natives that are wonderful drought tolerant additions to any water-wise yard.

Thank you for visiting.

Reine des Violettes rose and Rocky Mountain penstemon

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  1. March 24, 2010 9:57 pm

    I’m glad to find your blog. You are very much on the same page as I, just further along. I will be checking in often, especially when you post on natives. I hope you will look me up too sometime.

    –S. Sims “in the Pink Hat”

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